About Us

BIOHOLOGRAPHY UK. is the Official UK Distributor of products and services by WAVE GENOME LLC. – a company leading the global QUANTUM LEAP in the fields of Laser Bioholography, Holonet (Holographic Biointernet) holographic drugs, Remote Bioengineering, and bioelectronics.

We offer LASER BIOHOLOGRAPHY, administered locally and remotely for radical rejuvenation and treatment of all organs and physiological systems in the human body.

LASER BIOHOLOGRAPHY is the only treatment that addresses the destruction of Wave Optics in chromosomes in cases of infertility, ulcers, stroke, Lyme disease, drug addiction, and some diseases, considered to be incurable by conventional medicine—such as COVID-19.

LASER BIOHOLOGRAPHY is also capable of restoring menstrual cycles in postmenopausal women.

Irene Caesar, Ph.D. is  President and Founder of WAVE GENOME LLC— a company she founded in 2010 in Stamford, Connecticut, to lead the global QUANTUM LEAP in Laser Bioholography, Holonet (Holographic Biointernet), holographic drugs, Remote Bioengineering, and bioelectronics. WAVE GENOME is an American company, which is proud to be the leading competitor of major players in the field of bioelectronics, such as Elon Musk of  Neuralink, and Google with its R&D race for bioelectronic drugs. 


For developing and producing its products and clinical trials, WAVE GENOME is teaming with the most advanced scientists all over the world, e.g., Moscow Bauman Russian State Technical University, and the Scientific Research Institute for National Security in Moscow. WAVE GENOME pioneered the transfer of bioholograms of drugs upon electret-based chips via laser – the idea offered by Wave Genome to the above mentioned institutions.

Dr. Caesar holds a doctorate degree in philosophy of science, and is an author of three books. She is an author of the structuralist theory of wave genome. In August 2012, Dr. Caesar co-founded the Consortium MATRIX CITY with the Institute for National Security in Moscow for building human settlements of a completely new type, with the application of the information-wave technologies of the Quantum Leap.

In May 2013, Dr. Caesar formulated the principles of the Quantum Internet, based upon her principle of the uniqueness of the non-local wave matrices (Irene Caesar, 2012), and instantaneous transmission between all tokens of the same unique non-local wave matrix. Dr. Caesar presented her project MATRIX CITY in her public lecture at the Harriman Institute of the Columbia University in September 2012.

Irene Caesar, Ph.D., is regularly presenting her research at major Science Conferences all over the world.

In November 2017, Dr. Caesar was invited to head the Neural Engineering Section at BIT’s 1st WORLD CONGRESS OF BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING, Theme: Co-creating a New Future of Biomedicine, November 9-11, 2017, in Xi’an, China.

BIOHOLOGRAPHY UK. is Wave Genome’s Official Distributor of its Products & Services– was Founded in 2020 & is directed by Lydia Evangelinos, LL.M. Quantum Intelligence Advisor and Activist. Her career ranges from legal work in London, to being a communications coordinator for an international auction  house in Greece, assistant to the Director of the Thessaloniki international Documentary Festival and assistant to the Palme d’or multi-award winning film director Theo Angelopoulos. Despite having a Masters degree in International Intellectual Property Law and another in Film and Communications, she also developed a keen interest in Quantum Mechanics and Life Physics and at present, teaches the principles of the holographic universe during the course of her signature: DNActivation Program. For information on how you can apply for the program and/or assistance in choosing the bioelectronic device most suited to address your needs, contact us. 


WAVE GENOME LLC uses the Bauman Moscow Russian State Technical University, a major Science University in Russia of MIT level, to verify its technological models.

Our CLINICwhich operates under the auspices of the Scientific Research Institute for National Security in Moscow, is fully privatized, and engaged in developing information-wave technology and applying it in medicine, and agriculture.

Among clients of the Institute were Russian President Boris Yeltsin and famed American astronaut Edgar Mitchel.

Universe is 93% energy, and 7% particles, as concentrated energy, including cells and molecules. In living organisms, this energy exists as the crystal wave media (Wave Crystal), as the basis for regeneration in the liquid crystal media. The Holographic Principle states that Universe is entirely in its every Matrix Point. Implication of the Holographic Principle states that if the Universe is entirely in its every Matrix Point, then, every Matrix Point is not simply different from any other Matrix Point, but is unique. Thus, every Wave Matrix is both nonlocal and unique. If we have two copies of the same Wave Matrix, we can transmit information remotely and instantaneously between these two copies […] 

Irene Caesar, Ph.D. President Wave Genome LLC