Client Consent Conditions.


Ordering ANY products from us, means you accept the CLIENT CONSENT CONDITIONS.


Our TESLA PSI-GENERATORS are produced according to TU 9444-021-42844321 Certificate # 77, FC.19.944. P.2455.11.00


Ordering all our products and services means you accept the conditions of this client consent form.

Services and products include your MINI-TESLA PSI-GENERATORREMOTE REJUVENATION SERVICE, E-VIAGRA and I-VIAGRA, TESLA BIOACTIVE WATER, VISIT TO OUR CLINICS IN MOSCOW OR SIBERIA, and CONSULTATION, but are not limited to these, and are subject to change at our sole discretion, as well as conditions themselves, without prior notice to our customers.

By placing an order, the client authorizes BIOHOLOGRAPHY & WAVE GENOME LLC to perform all the necessary procedures, including the HeNe laser procedure, in order to produce client’s MINI-TESLA PSI-GENERATOR or administer the REMOTE REJUVENATION SERVICES, including the remote charging of TESLA BIOACTIVE WATER and administering E-VIAGRA and I-VIAGRA. Placing an order implies that the client is fully informed of the reasons, and anticipated benefits for this procedure. This authorization is given with the understanding that the practice of medicine and rejuvenation is not an exact science and unforeseen circumstances might disrupt or prevent successful treatment. The client recognizes that during the course of treatment, these unforeseen circumstances may necessitate additional or different procedures than those set forth above. The client acknowledges that he/she had the opportunity to discuss his/her condition, proposed services, concerns or questions. The client acknowledges that he/she has been given enough information, has his/her questions answered, has adequate knowledge to make an informed decision and wishes to proceed with the proposed treatment. The client testifies that he/she has read and understood this form and voluntarily authorizes and consents to the services.

Client agrees with SHIPPING / HANDLING and RETURN / EXCHANGE policy.

All sales upon agreeing to client consent conditions are final, no refunds. Invoices paid with delay accrue penalties.

Agreeing to the client consent conditions constitutes a legal agreement between BIOHOLOGRAPHY, WAVE GENOME LLC and customer.