Clinic treatments are priced per the individualized needs of each person. The minimum course of treatment at the rejuvenation clinic is three hours per day for 10 days.

Those who qualify for treatment will be notified at least one month in advance.

Assistance with travel, lodging, escort and interpreting services are available for an additional fee.

Due to high demand, payment in full is due in advance and no refunds are available.

Please Note: Wave Genome coordinates all visits to these Russian Clinics. The clinics are not owned or operated by Wave Genome.

To apply for a Clinic Visit - please complete the form below and agree to the the Client Consent Conditions


    Overview of Clinic Treatments

    Rejuvenation clinic

    Large Size Aura Generator

    Radical rejuvenation for patients rejected by conventional medicine and for whom conventional medicine is not effective.

    Generator Aura-001

    AURA-001 has been clinically shown to repair damage to the functioning of any bodily organ, thereby curing diseases deemed incurable by conventional medicine. Its feedback principle can detect and localize disease before the onset of pathology. When exposed to the device, only sick cells respond and the body reacts accordingly with the pronounced effect of parastasis.

    Generator Aura-008

    Designed for the prophylactics and treatment of the spine. It promotes relaxation, stimulation and post-traumatic reha-bilitation of the musculoskeletal system via the non-contact method of low-level electromagnetic influence on the patient's energy centers within the vertebral column. Its principle of operation is based on effects of external physical factors on the structural elements and systems of the human body at different levels.


    Used for targeted psycho-physiological correction and bioresonance therapy. It is used in specialized clinics, sanatoriums, resorts and spa for prevention of functional disorders, increasing mental, improving psychic and physical potential, and restoring the function of human organs and systems via a targeted impact on the projection of the individual organs and skin areas (zones of G. A. Zakharyin and H.Head).

    Generator Aura-013

    Aura-13 provides a sought-after cure for breast cancer and infertility. It treats diseases such as: • Mastitis, Breast fibrocystic mastopathy; Stages 2 & 3 of Breast cancer; Cysts, fibroids and ovarian fibroma; Tubal obstruction; Endometriosis; Sterility; Frigidity; Fenealogical diseases; and Infertility. Money back guarantee.

    Generator Aura-017

    Designed for synchronizing biocorrection, rehabilitation and bioresonance therapy of the bioquantum and psycho-physical states of the body via targeted impact by acoustic, laser and high-frequency electromagnetic field treatment.