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Large Size Aura Generator

Offers radical rejuvenation for patients rejected by conventional medicine to the degree that conventional medicine is no longer needed.

Generator Aura-001

Can cure diseases that are considered incurable by conventional medicine. Clinical experience has shown that this generator can repair damage in the functioning of any bodily organ. The feedback principle in the operation of the device allows for the detecting and localizing of the disease before the onset of pathology. When exposed to the device, healthy cells do not respond to the exposure, while sick cells enter into dialogue with the device, so that the human body responds to the exposure (with the pronounced effect of parastasis).

Generator Aura-008

Is designed for the prophylactics and treatment of the spine. It promotes relaxation, sti-mulation and post-traumatic reha-bilitation of the musculoskeletal system via the non-contact method of low-level ele-ctromagnetic influence on the patient's energy centers located in the region of vertebral column. Its principle of operation is based on effects of external physical factors on the structural elements and systems of the human body at different levels.


Is used for psycho-physiological correction and bioresonance therapy of targeted impact. Generator Aura-009 is designed for use in specialized clinics, sanatoriums, resorts and spa for the prevention of functional disorders, increasing mental, psychic and physical potential and restoring the functional state of various organs and systems of the human body by a targeted impact on the projection of the individual organs and skin areas (zones of G. A. Zakharyin and H.Head).

Generator Aura-013

We offer truly revolutionary cure for breast cancer and infertility. Generator Aura-013 treats diseases such as: • mastitis, breast fibrocystic mastopathy; • breast cancer in 2, 3 stages; • cysts, fibroids, ovarian fibroma; • tubal obstruction; • endometriosis; • sterility of all kinds of pathologies; • frigidity; • genealogical diseases; • infertility with money back guarantee.

Generator Aura-017

Is designed for synchronizing bio-correction, rehabilitation and bioresonance therapy of the bioquantum and psycho-physical state of the body via targeted impact by acoustic, laser and high-frequency electromagnetic field.


TREATMENT AT OUR CLINICS is priced on an individual basis. We help with travel, lodging, escort and interpreting services at an extra cost according to regular Russian rates, for example, the interpreter is usually billed at $177 for the first hour of translation / escort (or below one hour) with $59 for every next hour (regular 8 hours working day); while for working days with overtime (over 8 hours regular working day), client is billed at $177 for the first hour, and $94 for every next hour. We accept only our own interpreters.

Minimum course of treatment is 10 days, for three hours a day. Booking is accepted at least one month ahead. Payment in full is due ahead of coming to the clinic. No refunds, even in case you cannot make it to the clinic, since we reserve time for you.

Clinics are RUSSIAN CLINICS. WAVE GENOME does NOT own any of these clinics, but offers VISITATION programs for getting treatments at Russian clinics.

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