Used by Russian Military pilots and Astronauts, TESLA GLASSES by WAVE GENOME LLC are not “glasses” per se, but QUANTUM BIOCOMPUTER, which functions like brain massager and programmer. TESLA GLASSES massage the brain with holographic signal and program designated areas of the brain with the holographic signal modulated with the holographic information restoring brain area responsible for a specific organ and physiological system, and thus, restoring this specific organ and physiological system through the brain. The frequencies entering the eye are getting folded (reflected upon themselves) within the eye crystal, to become holographic signals. Every segment of the retina is connected to a specific brain area. And the holographic signal hitting the retina, activates a specific segment of retina, and, therefore, a specific area of your brain. Thus, through brain, you massage your entire body from inside, including organs that need treatment, and program your organ in need of treatment for regeneration.


– Relieving stress is approaching 99%;
– Short-sightedness – 96%
– Glaucoma – 83%
– Initial cataract and hyperopia up to 78% improvement
– Normalization of blood pressure and sleep