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TESLA HUMAN CELL is the Digitized Biohologram / Wave Matrix of a selected healthy infant, modulated by client’s digitized individual biohologram (recorded by laser from client’s adult or childhood photograph). Sold as white noise (half-audible) encoded into the five soundtracks of sacred Ancient mantras, each 1 hour length, for five essential physiological systems, recorded by the new generation laser. It is sold either on its own, or with the SECOND-BIRTH MINI-TESLA PSI-GENERATOR, which has the Digitized Biohologram of the Embryonic Stem Cell encoded via laser on the chip on nano level.

Tesla Human Cell



The Institute for National Security in Moscow offers the local and remote management of biosystems, and individuals:
(1) via electronic / digital drugs (DIGITAL PHARMACY consisting of digitized bioholograms of wave matrices for every healthy bodily organ and physiological system; and including E-DRUGS [additional upon subscription], of which more than 300 are already created, including E-VYAG-RA and I-VYAG-RA);

Every MINI-TESLA psi-generator comes with a psi-program (in English) – a flash drive with the TESLA TEST & TREAT software that includes the entire DIGITAL PHARMACY of 44 modules generated as white noise encoded in music for your lifetime and for every system and vital organ in your body.

Note*  We do not produce, distribute, market and sell wave matrices of harmful substances, like narcotics. 


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