The emergence of WAVE PHARMACEUTICALS has become relevant and possible with the advent of computer networks. WAVE PHARMACEUTICALS is the technology for recording wave characteristics of pharmaceuticals on electronic media and its use in the system of rehabilitation medicine. Jacques Benveniste: (03.12.1935-10.3 2004), the famous French immunologist, was first to announce the beginning of an era for electronic (internet) drugs, when he conducted the transmission of drugs with the use of acoustic waves. Meanwhile, the Russian scientist Alexander Gurwitsch (also Gurvich, Gurvitch) holds the intellectual priority for creating a notion of “mitogenetic radiation” which belongs to plants independently of photosynthesis, which he defined by or ultra-weak biological photon emissions – weak electromagnetic waves which were detected in the ultra-violet range of the spectrum and transmit “mitogenetic radiation” (1923). He also holds the intellectual priority for transmitting mitogenetic radiation in order to influence live forms at a distance, and, more precisely, to control embryonic development. In his experiments, he directed mitogenetic rays down a tube to accelerate cell-proliferation of an onion. German scientist Reinhold Voll holds the intellectual priority for recording and transmitting wave information of drugs via EMF in a Nazi concentration camp of the Third Reich.

For our patients, we use technology based on well-known methods of holography and granular synthesis developed by Dennis Gabor (Hungarian Dénes Gábor (06.05 1900 – 02.09 1979), Hungarian physicist, Nobel Prize in Physics in 1971. The technology consists in recording wave characteristics of biologically active substances with various pharmacological actions (technology and methodology is know-how on ethical grounds). Technology successfully passed clinical trials in 2000.  Tested method passed in 2000 and was used in the generator “Aura-001.”

Depending on the dosage (obtained effect) Optic-Acoustic files (frames) are divided into:

Mini-Frames are files with minimal properties for the pronounced effect of biologically active substances;

Semi-Frames are files with average properties for expression of biologically active substances;

Frames-Forte are files with properties of high-dose pills and intense effect of biologically active substances.